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Sushi as easy as your ABC's!

Have a sushi party tonight!

Have you ever been to a Sushi Restaurant?
Have you ever wanted to know how to make those Sushi rolls.. but thought it looked a little difficult?
Do you enjoy an evening with friends.. in the comfort of your own home?
Do you enjoy learning new things?
Have you ever wanted to take a Sushi Class?
Do you live in the Charlotte, NC  area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions... then ABC Sushi is for you! In one entertaining evening, the Sushi Guides at ABC Sushi will teach you and your friends how to make sushi!

That's right, in the time it takes you to watch your favorite romantic comedy, play 2 games of mini golf, or clean the winter clothes out of your closet you could learn how to make sushi for your friends and family, and for MUCH cheaper than the sushi restaurant!

Looking for something different for a Christmas or birthday present? Want to plan a great evening with friends? ... give us a call, or send an email today!

Want to  learn more? Click on the "ABC Courses" tab, email, or call  to find out how you can book your sushi party today!

Here's what a few of our guests have said about ABC Sushi:

"We had a really fun time and I will definitely pass along your name to friends who may be interested in hosting a gathering!" --  Marti

"ABC Sushi's courses are entertaining and informative all at the same time. They were attentive to all the students and provided hands-on direction to mastering the basic art of rolling sushi. I'm looking forward to some additional classes, but already feel really confidant in my ability to make sushi rolls for family and friends. The class is worth your time, and for less than what I would spend on sushi out with friends, well worth your money!"    -- Colene

"Everyone should have a party! It's so much fun and the food was Amazing!!"         -- Carrie                          

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. All Rights Reserved.

Try your own California Roll tonight!

You can make this after just the "A" Course!
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