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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I'm ready to book a course! What do I do?
A - Great! Email at to set up the date for your party. As a host, you'll need to deposit $50 to reserve a date and cover the initial cost of materials. This deposit is refundable up to 48 hours before the course begins.

    Next... let your friends know that you're having a show... and remind them to also visit the website to pay before the course date so they can get the discounted rate of $35 per person.... the day of the course, the price is $40.

      Note, the host (with the credit card on file) is responsible for payment for each person that attends the show, which would also include any guests that attend beyond the host's expectation. If desired, your Sushi Guide can help you by sending an email reminder to your guests for payment before the show begins.

Q- What do I need to do to prepare for my Sushi Course?
A- Almost Nothing! Your Sushi Guide will be in touch with you to go over the basics of the course, arrival time, and what to expect. She or he will provide all cooking materials and ingredients for you and your guests to have an enjoyable evening... all you have to do is be there and have a space ready to make sushi.

Q- I have a small kitchen. Could I still host a Sushi Course in my home?
A- Yes! Your Sushi Guide can teach you and your friends in almost any area - all you need is an area about the size of a place mat for each person. It can be in the kitchen, the dining room, or even your living room! Your Sushi Guide will work with you to find the right area in your home.

Q- I had such a great time! The Sushi Guide was great! How can I thank her/him?
A- We're so glad you had a great time! Please don't hesitate t
o tell your Sushi Guide that you enjoyed the course, and let him/her know if there's anything that they could improve. Your Sushi Guides work hard to ensure you have a great time, and you are welcome to tip your Sushi Guide to let them know you appreciate their hard work!

Q- I don't like raw fish.... why would I want to take this course?
A - First of all, "Sushi" actually stands for "vinegared rice" - not raw fish! There are a variety of options for anyone to try sushi - from cooked seafood to fruits and vegetables to even steak and chicken! You'll have the opportunity to learn a new and exciting way to make a healthy meal any day of the week! Also note - when booking a date for your course with your Sushi Guide, you can choose whether you want to use cooked or raw fish.

Q- I LOVE raw fish! Where can I go in the Charlotte, NC area to get good, sushi-grade seafood?
A- Harris Teeter's or Publix Grocery stores have sushi-grade seafood on a daily basis. All you need to do is ask (specifically- for "sushi-grade")! 

Q- I LOVE raw fish! Where can I go in the Lexington, KY area to get good, sushi-grade seafood?
A- Charlies's Seafood ( has sushi-grade seafood on a daily basis. All you need to do is ask!

Q- I LOVE Sushi.. but can you just come over and make it for my party for a few hours? I'd rather eat it than learn how to make it!
A- Yes... we do in-home sushi parties. Email us today at for more details.

Q- What's your cancellation policy?
A- We understand that your life is very busy and can change! A full refund to you and your guests will be given if it is more than 48 hours before the scheduled time. ABC Sushi, LLC reserves the right to cancel a class and reschedule it at its convenience if an immediate need arises. A full refund cannot be given if the class is rescheduled more than 2 times.

Q- If I give you my credit card information, do you store it for later use?
A-  Privacy: ABC Sushi, LLC does not store any financial information such as credit ca
rds details

Q- Anything else that we should know?
A- Just a few more things (some would call this the "Terms and Conditions".. we just call it a little more info that the lawyers want you
to know...) ABC Sushi, LLC will not be liable for any loss or damage, consequential or otherwise to any client or their property.

Disclaimer: When you pay for the class for your or others, you acknowledge the following information: eating raw or undercooked food, especially meat, fish, eggs and poultry can lead to suffering from food borne illnesses including, but not limited to salmonella, E. coli and parasites. Such illnesses can lead to serious injury or even death. I hereby waive and release any claims for myself, heirs, agents, assigns and personal representatives and executors for injuries or damages I may have against ABC Sushi, LLC and/or the ABC Sushi Guides. Declaration: By confirming a class booking with ABC Sushi, LLC, I confirm that I have read and that I understand these Terms and Conditions and agree to be be bound by these Terms and Conditions as laid out in this document.
What others are saying about ABC Sushi:

"This evening was so much fun, and we really enjoyed you and our lessons!" -- Ann
"Great Experience! Informative and FUN!!"  -- Brittney

"Entertaining, insightful and fun. Will definitely participate again!"                -- Jamie

Getting to know us... meet your Sushi Guides!

Ashley.... founder of ABC Sushi, she loves a good sushi roll! She grew up in the South, but thanks to the Navy, and her love of travel, has lived all over the US, and traveled in over 40 countries. She has trained with several Sushi Chefs from around the US, and is looking forward to teaching you how to make your perfect roll!

Kim.... born and raised in Kentucky and has lived in Lexington for 25 years. She has a BSN from Bellarmine but is a Life member of UK alumni.  She loves UK football and basketball.  She's an RN by day and now a Sushi Guide for fun and entertainment in the evening.

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