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Sushi ABC's

Teppamaki Roll - Cucumber Roll

Tuna and Avocado Roll
The Basics... a little guide to help demystify the sushi "magic"

Makisu - This is a "Bamboo Mat" - it's the traditional tool used to roll Maki.

Maki-zushi - You may have heard the term "Maki"... this is the same thing. Maki normally consists of Nori, Rice, and your chosen Sushi ingredients

Nigiri-zushi - Also known as simply "Nigiri". This sushi highlights the topping (normally seafood) - by putting the topping (slightly smaller than a business card in size) over a small handful of rice

Sushi - Contrary to what most people think, the actual term 'sushi' does  not mean 'raw fish' but actually 'rice with vinegar'. So basically, anything that is made with that yummy vinegar-ed rice can be sushi (even if you put steak in that maki roll!)

Teppamaki - A Maki roll (see above) that is made with Cucumber. Note... "teppa" does not actually mean cucumber in Japanese. Want to know why? Take a course, and find out!

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